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My name is Olivia, also known
online as Mistakenasart

About me

I'm an artist, animator, and marketer based in Sydney, blending art and marketing seamlessly with a Bachelor of Design in Animation and marketing certifications.


I'm passionate about environmental design, realistic drawings, and exploring diverse animation styles. I love creating quirky and impactful artworks and social media assets.


Other cool gigs I've done include Vivid for the Australian National Maritime Museum in 2017, selling out my art in Incognito 2023, snagging 3rd place in an art competition during my student days, and getting interviewed in 'The Brag' magazine.

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3D Software

I have a wealth of experience in diverse 3D design software including industry-standard tools like Maya and Blender to create intricate 3D models and animations. Additionally, I've leveraged Adobe Substance 3D and Nomad for precise texturing, material creation, and sculpting.


Adobe Substance 3D

Painter | Designer | Sampler | Modeler | Stager

Adobe Creative Cloud

Photoshop | Illustrator | Indesign | Premiere Pro | After Effects | Audition

2D Design Software

I also skilled in a range of 2D design software, including Adobe Creative Cloud for graphic design and illustration, Procreate for digital sketching and painting, and web design software for crafting visually engaging online experiences. I'm also well-versed in video editing software.


I have extensive experience in utilising various marketing software and tools for data analysis and advertising campaign management. I'm also confident in using popular email platforms and  well-versed in using social media management tools to plan, schedule, and analyse social media content.

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Social Media

TikTok | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Twitter | LinkedIn



Acrylic | Oil | Fabric | Gouache 

Art Mediums

I've cultivated my artistic skills across a wide spectrum of mediums, from the bold and dramatic strokes of charcoal and the precision of pencil to the vibrant versatility of acrylic and oil paint. Additionally, I've crafted pieces with oil and chalk pastels, ventured into the realm of rug making, and experiments with even more. 

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